Our Story

Our founder and head chef Rob has over 30 years of experience in producing the finest foods for some of Britain’s most acclaimed restaurants. Although Rob created a wide variety of foods, his true passion has always been Pizza.

He dreamt of opening his own Pizzeria chain and started work to fulfil this dream in 2018. Rob quickly met a difficult roadblock. He wanted to buy dough and not produce it himself but he was unable to find frozen dough that met his high standards. This led to Rob having to develop his own dough.

Once he began experimenting with his own dough solutions, he quickly came to realise that he had found a way to produce Artisan Pizza that can be Par baked and cooked without the need for traditional Pizza ovens. Upon this realisation Rob recognised that he can help spread his love for Pizza to a far larger audience than his original Pizzeria ever could. Rob has now found his greater purpose, enabling all hospitality kitchens to produce true Artisan pizza seamlessly.

Partnered for scale

All of our Pizza’s are handmade and this saw us face a difficult challenge. How do we scale up production without losing our trademark quality? The answer – a strategic partnership with Forza Group.

Our partnership with Forza Group allows to leverage the scale and expertise of one of Europe’s largest and most respected food manufacturers.

Using their state-of-the-art production facilities, we can continue to hand craft our pizza the artisan way, at greater scale whilst also being governed to the highest food standards in Europe.