In the competitive world of pizza-making, customization is key to standing out. RePizza’s “Dough Development Service” offers a unique solution for businesses looking to create bespoke pizza dough products that align perfectly with their brand ethos.

This case study delves into how RePizza successfully developed a custom dough solution for Hangry Pizza, a project based in Hammersmith, UK.

The Challenge: Stage One – Dough Development

Hangry Pizza approached RePizza with a specific need: they were unable to find a 135g dough ball that met their operational requirements. 

They sought a frozen dough ball that could be defrosted and immediately rolled through a dough roller, eliminating the need for proofing.

Solution and Implementation

RePizza’s initial step was to adjust their existing dough balls to the 135g specification and deliver them to Hangry Pizza for testing. While the taste was well-received, the dough puffed too much, creating an unwanted crust.

To address this, RePizza developed a lower hydration dough that was not sticky and could be rolled immediately. A different type of flour was sourced that allowed the dough to work well straight from the fridge, eliminating the need for proofing.

Testing and Validation

The new dough formulation underwent trials in RePizza’s development kitchen. Throughout this process, Hangry Pizza was consistently updated on the status of the trials.

To further validate the dough’s performance, samples were dispatched to RePizza’s pizza equipment partner, LLK, for roller testing. Upon succe

finished product

ssful completion of these tests and receiving approval from Hangry Pizza, the project advanced to the next stage of development.

Oven Testing

The final stage of dough development involved testing the product in the client’s choice of oven. A visit to the Unox test kitchen allowed RePizza to fine-tune the

 oven settings, determine the appropriate trays, and establish cooking timings. 

Hangry Pizza expressed high levels of satisfaction with the outcomes.

Stage Two: On-Site Implementation and Roll-Out

The next phase of the project was on-site implementation. This took place once Hangry Pizza’s location was fully constructed and equipped. 

RePizza assisted with setting up processes, training staff, checking equipment, and troubleshooting, ensuring that the site is ready to serve high-quality pizza to the public.

Stage Three: Success and Expansion

hangry banner

Following the triumphant on-site launch and rollout, the partnership between RePizza and Hangry Pizza has blossomed, highlighting the remarkable impact of their tailored Dough Development Service.

Hangry Pizza has swiftly become a cornerstone of the Hammersmith food scene, establishing itself as a key destination for pizza aficionados.

For a glimpse into their culinary world, be sure to check out Hangry Pizza’s Instagram and witness their pizza-making magic firsthand.

If you’re interested in developing a bespoke dough product for your business, contact us.

Written by Matt Maxted

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