When kitchens look to add traditional Italian flair to their menu, a trained pizza chef can add flamboyant style, authenticity and entertainment to a food establishment.

Nothing really compares to the experience of a trained Pizza Chef taking a woodfired pizza to plate.

However, for food establishments looking to focus on high quality pizza offerings without the show, or with no capacity for a trained chef, our products do away with the necessity of a Pizza Chef.Quality, hand stretched pizza is possible without a Pizza Chef

You can keep artisan Pizza on your menu and keep your customers happy, you can even achieve high quality pizza and you don’t need a trained expert in order to do it.

In fact even without a trained Pizza Chef you can still achieve:

  • leopard spotted wood fired crusts
  • puffy Neapolitan style pizza crust
  • consistent size bases
  • cost effective and high quality bases
  • zero dough wastage during prep

By using our frozen, raw stretched dough; the stretching, proving and dough production are taken from the equation.

You can reduce your labour costs significantly and still get that quality Neapolitan style pizza your customers love.

Our bases will mean you don’t have to spend time making dough and stretching them yourself or worrying about wastage due to dough sticking together or a mistake in production of the dough; it’s all taken care of.Leave the prep to us and enjoy all the fun of creating your menu.

As long as you have a good quality base from RePizza you won’t need specially trained staff – you can focus on creating bespoke Pizza’s that you know your customers will love.

Consistent high quality without the staff overheads.

We all know a trained Pizza Chef can make a pizza that is perfect and can also make a bad pizza, but with our bases they will always be consistent.

With the consistent quality that our bases give you can guarantee that your customers will keep coming back for more deliciousness!

Rob Neary

Written by Rob Neary

Our very own pizza development chef and founder, Rob brings decades of industry experience and oodles of passion to the table

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