“We eat first with our eyes”.

Your customers want to be visually enticed into their food choices and expect a taste experience that matches those expectations too.

People associate attractive looking food with higher quality and better taste. Visual appearance, texture, smell, and taste are all important factors that contribute to how much we enjoy our food.

When it comes to Pizzas, our range of frozen bases, frozen doughs and unique proving trays will ensure you get the perfect looking pizza, with every bake.

The perfect Neapolitan Pizza base

The artisan, non-uniform style of the puffy pizza crust speaks to the heart of food lovers everywhere. But consistently creating this quality base style isn’t as easy to obtain as you might think.

This usually requires experienced pizza chefs, labouring over dough, which is then left to prove for hours to achieve the perfect pizza base, and when it comes to creating a superior pizza base, the proving process is key.

Three steps to the perfect prove

Proving is the process of allowing the dough to rise before baking, and by optimizing this process, as well as the patented products we use, we’ve created a pizza base that is light, airy, and full of flavor.

Our pizza base creation process is built around three key points:

  • Airflow
  • Space to prove
  • The perfect stretch


Proper airflow ensures the dough rises evenly and prevents it from becoming too dense or soggy.

Dense dough won’t stretch properly when you shape it into a pizza base, resulting in a flat and unappetizing crust.

We only prove our dough using our patented dough trays, ensuring that there is adequate airflow during proving, we guarantee a better stretch and a superior rise with every bake.

Personal space

During proving moisture can cause dough balls to stick together, making it difficult to separate and work with them when you are ready to shape your pizza.

By keeping each dough ball in a separate pocket within our proving trays during proving, you can make sure that they remain even, distinct and easy to manage when you are ready to shape your pizza.

A better stretch

Finally, every pizza chef knows, a better prove leads to a better stretch. Air flow and the space for the dough to rest is key in this process.

A light and stretchy dough ultimately results in a lighter and more puffy Neapolitan style crust.

The Perfect Pizza Dough

By controlling the airflow around the dough during proving and keeping individual dough balls separate, you can ensure that your pizza base rises evenly and stretches easily when you are ready to shape it into a delicious pizza base every time.

The end result?

A culinary delight for all the senses. A lighter and puffy crust that is crispy on the outside and full of flavor on the inside!

Rob Neary

Written by Rob Neary

Our very own pizza development chef and founder, Rob brings decades of industry experience and oodles of passion to the table

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