Effortless Production

  1. Delivery of our 70% hydration artisan dough balls.

  2. Remove from the freezer and place into our RePizza Prove System Tray.

  3. Our Prove System Tray provides a superior prove and stretch.

  4. Top and cook your way.

The Artisan Dough Ball

Our doughball’s beauty is in its simplicity. Made from 100% natural ingredients with no fillers, relaxers or preservatives.

Our 70% hydration dough cooks into a perfect neapolitan puffed crust pizza. Experience our firm base with a perfectly crispy puffed crust with our signature fluffy centre.

Prove System Trays

Our doughballs come seated in our design protected Prove System trays. This unique design is a sealed pocket tray with a circular cavity that aids the prove of the dough balls.

Once left to prove, the Prove System trays will form a layer of air between the doughballs and the seal – telling you when the doughball is perfectly proved.

Free up storage

Simply seat the trays in a standard proofing tray to maintain a guaranteed 15 doughballs per tray – no sticking together or rolling around. Using this method, you can achieve up to 50% more dough stored in the same footprint.

Better Prove & Stretch

The unique cavity shape in the Prove System trays pushes more oxygen around the doughball whilst it proves. This results in a superior prove compared to storing doughballs flat in a traditional proofing tray.

Use our Prove System trays to deliver a superior prove that leads to an easier and more successful stretch, no matter the level of expertise.

Product Sizes

Zero compromises on


Our dough is hand crafted by our seasoned pizza chefs. We create our dough using all natural ingredients with no fillers, relaxants, or preservatives.

The dough is carefully made with 70% hydration, placed into our trays and then moved into our freezers ready for delivery.

This well-crafted process produces Neapolitan puffed crust pizza that are virtually indistinguishable from their non-frozen counterparts.

  • 12” Neapolitan Dough

    Made from all natural ingredients at 70% hydration for a perfect puffed crust.

  • No contracts

    No contracts, set up fees and no minimum orders

  • Direct or Wholesale

    Order with us directly for local delivery or buy through your local wholesaler.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a pizza oven for your solutions? More

    No. Our par baked bases were designed to allow chefs to cook artisan pizza the same quality as a pizza oven could. Any commercial convection oven works with our bases. We have specific instructions on how to get the perfect cook with a range of ovens on our website. Average cooking time varies from 4 – 6 minutes.

  • Do I need pizza skills for your solutions? More

    No. Our par baked base are easier to cook than putting a purger together. All that’s required is to top with cheese, sauce and add toppings. For those using a pizza oven, our raw stretched base takes all the work of making and stretching dough away.

  • Are there contracts or MOQs? More

    We have no contracts for our products and any quantity can be ordered.

  • Do you pizzas come in multiple sizes? More

    Our par baked and raw stretched bases come in 10” sizes. Our dough balls all produce 12” pizzas

  • Where can you ship your products? More

    We can deliver our products to any kitchen in mainland UK. Ordering can be done directly with ourselves or through one of our wholesalers (Bidfood).